Just Hit Gold On American Airlines, For Life

I feel like I’ve been jumped into a gang…but one I want to be in. Gold elite status for life with American Airlines!  Truthfully, it’s just okay.  For me, more about bragging rights.  It’s the bottom tier of elite status at AA: Gold, Platinum, Executive Platinum.  How’d I do it?  1,000,000 total “program to date” miles with American.  Now, I by no means have flown a million miles with American Airlines or its partners.  But, there is a loophole.  At least there is a loophole for the next few months.  For the longest time, AA has allowed people to earn “program to date” points by a variety of methods.  Could be charging on an American Airlines Citibank credit card. Those points count toward “lifetime mile status.”  Could be flying.  Could be buying miles.  Could be transferring miles in from a partner.  In my case, I’ve transferred points in via Starwood Hotel’s frequent guest program (of which I’m a huge fan.) Once you have 1,000,000 lifetime or “program to date” miles, you’ve earned Gold status for life.  Once you hit 2,000,000 miles, you’re Platinum for life.

notice the GOLD BAR. that wasn't there yesterday


Now, here’s the ringer.  Starting in December, lifetime status can only be earned by flights or by a special branded credit card.  No more counting when you transfer points in.  So, my suggestion is anyone nearing 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 AA points, take a good look at your account and decide if it’s worth maybe flying or topping off your account by buying some miles or some other way.  Here are links to what you get with Gold AA status and what you get with Platinum AA status.  (There’s currently no offer for lifetime Executive Platinum status but so you can see what you’re missing as well, click the link.)  If you are nearing the threshold and not sure how to achieve it, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can provide some suggestions. Happy travels!

just hit the 1,000,000 threshold

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