Review: Lufthansa First Class On The 747

I’ve been lucky enough to fly Lufthansa (Germany’s flagship airline) internationally many times.  As with most things in Germany, the airline is very precise.  It is one of my favorite ways to fly, and truly, one of the best (in my opinion) for international travel to / from Europe.

The First Class configuration on Lufthansa’s 747 is upstairs.  This isn’t always the case with other airlines. But it is where we got to meet the captain.  He came out and greeted all the upper-deck passengers before takeoff.  A very nice gesture that I experienced once before on a Swiss International Airlines’ flight roughly a year ago.  (Another stellar airline by the way.)

The First Class cabin on the 747 is in the process of being retrofitted.  The new seats look amazing.  Each seat actually has a lie-flat bed next to it.  I was hoping to maybe score a flight on one of the newly retrofitted planes but no such luck this go-around. Still, the older product is fantastic. Completely comfortable.  So much room I commented that it “feels like I’m flying in my livingroom!”

First Class Lufthansa 747

You get on the plane and first they bring you a glass of champagne and macadamia nuts (along with a lemony-scented piping hot towel to wipe your hands clean.)  That’s just a teaser for the enormous amount of food that’s about to head your way over the next hour or so. That’s okay.  You’ve got an 11 hour flight ahead of you. (Of course as a First Class passenger you have the option of eating whenever you want, so if you feel like getting on board and going right to sleep, no problem.  They will feed you when you wake up.)

The menu went something like this…(Note: There were many more items to choose from, but this is what me and my travel companion ordered.)

Hors d’oeuvres:

Caviar with traditional garnishes.  (This is my personal favorite.)

Caviar Lufthasa First Class

Poached chicken salad with grapes

Roasted corn flan

Roasted Corn Flan


Seasonal with black olives and yellow capsicum

Main Courses:

We opted for the seared halibut with beurre blanc sauce, artichoke ragout and potato leek hash.  (The presentation was straight out of a high-end restaurant.  I loved the hash but felt the seared halibut wasn’t seared at all but rather way overcooked and dry.)

Halibut Main Course

Grilled beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce, rice and beans.  (Felt the meat was okay, nothing great, but the rice and beans were quite tasty.)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Lufthansa First


Selection of cheeses.(You can’t really go wrong with that) and a chocolate tart with creme anglaise.  YUM!

Chocolate Tart Dessert

We skipped breakfast and caught up on z’sssssss instead.  Which was okay because we ate in the lounge when we arrived in Germany.  (Amazing lounge.  Blog posting on that to come.)

As for the seats, there are 16 of them upstairs on the 747.  But only 8 are actually available for sale and/or miles.

747 Lufthansa Upper Deck First Class

That means everyone who buys a seat in First gets 2.  It makes things a lot easier.  A) Extra room.  B) The seat turns into a fully-flat bed at the end of the day so while you are eating dinner in one seat, the flight attendants will lay down a comforter and turn your other seat into your bed for the night.  And it is as very comfortable.  Still not as comfortable as the new First Class seats on Swiss International Airlines, but very good.

Comparison Lufthansa First Class Seat Up & Dow

Lie Flat Seat, Lufthansa 747 First Class

Roses On Lufthans

Finally, one added touch that I don’t want to forget.  Roses.  Everyone in first gets a rose.  I think that added touch is quite nice, as I give the rose to my wife and asks if she will accept it.  (Bachelor fans will get that inside joke.)

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