Wardrobe Tips For Female Travelers

Jet-setter Diane Kroe In Toronto shares her wardrobe tips on traveling for women. Thanks Diane!

I love to travel and discovered having more fun means traveling light. Lugging around my wardrobe and necessities wasn’t exactly glamourous so I created a collection of designs for packing smart without compromising style. One of my most popular designs is the Reversible Resort Dress… named after it’s reversible detailing and style possibilities. Ranging from a print skirt to a little black cocktail dress making it the perfect travel companion.

Diane Kroe Designs

The idea came to me through a group of bridesmaids going to a destination wedding. Asked to create the ultimate bridesmaid dress that would travel well, look good on all their different body types and most importantly wear again. So I decided to redesign my original Convertible Dress, making it reversible by lining the skirt with a print layer and adding extra fabric for support throughout the bust area so it would be ideal for all body types. The girls loved it….soon ladies were coming from all over to order their Reversible Resort Dresses wearing them to a variety of events and destinations while becoming a big success all year round. I also introduce new prints every season keeping the dresses unique to each customer.

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