Review: First Class Emirates 777-300


Something came to mind recently while on my first Emirates flight: “Boy, am I lucky!”  Not only was I flying Emirates (the flagship airline of Dubai,) but I was traveling in First Class. My wife and I had redeemed a whopping 210,000 United Airlines miles each (that took us many years to earn) to secure 2 seats in First aboard their 777-300, for the non-stop flight from LAX to Dubai. (This was done before United and Emirates ended their mileage-sharing agreement earlier in the year.)

Emirates First Class 777

I thought I had seen luxury at its finest on my First Class Flight aboard Qantas’ A380.   That was an amazing flight, but the folks at Emirates took it a step further.  Emirates has added a privacy component to commercial aviation.

First Class Suite, Emirates

We boarded the plane and the moment we stepped on we were personally escorted to our suites.  Yes, these aren’t seats, they are suites! You actually have a door [Read more...]