Review: First Class Emirates 777-300


Something came to mind recently while on my first Emirates flight: “Boy, am I lucky!”  Not only was I flying Emirates (the flagship airline of Dubai,) but I was traveling in First Class. My wife and I had redeemed a whopping 210,000 United Airlines miles each (that took us many years to earn) to secure 2 seats in First aboard their 777-300, for the non-stop flight from LAX to Dubai. (This was done before United and Emirates ended their mileage-sharing agreement earlier in the year.)

Emirates First Class 777

I thought I had seen luxury at its finest on my First Class Flight aboard Qantas’ A380.   That was an amazing flight, but the folks at Emirates took it a step further.  Emirates has added a privacy component to commercial aviation.

First Class Suite, Emirates

We boarded the plane and the moment we stepped on we were personally escorted to our suites.  Yes, these aren’t seats, they are suites! You actually have a door [Read more...]

Should You Fly First Or Business Class?

I am a firm believer that flying First or Business class is a total luxury. For purposes of this blog, I am soley referring to First or Business Class international flights — not domestic (which i don’t think provide enough bang for the buck.)  I’ve had long debates with friends about flying in upper class.  Often they’ll say, “Don’t fly first class; flying sucks no matter what. Spend that extra cash on a better hotel room.”  My belief is, “Fly First or Business Class ONLY if you use frequent flyer miles to upgrade, you have enough points to get a reward ticket or if your company is paying for the ticket.  Then it is well worth “flying in style!”  First off, airlines make a majority of their money selling those prized-few premium class seats at huge prices. Example: Qantas Airlines non-stop [Read more...]

Changes Coming To American Airlines’ First & Biz Class

American Airlines sent me an email detailing new changes to its upper class cabin on several international routes. The letter titled “Enjoy Added Touches of Luxury On Your Next International Flight,” details the enhancements.

Here’s the letter I got:

We have some exciting news that will make your international travel on American Airlines even more comfortable and enjoyable.
Now when you travel in First Class or Business Class between the United States and Europe, Asia, India, and South America*, you will notice several new enhancements to our premium service.
Comfortable slippers and a new lighter, yet cozy [Read more...]

Review: The HON Circle First Class Lounge, Frankfurt


There has been much discussion amongst the jet-setting public about airport lounges…specifically which are the best and which are the worst. In my opinion, The HON Circle First Class Lounge simply stands out above the rest.

HON Circle First Class Lounge, Frankfurt

HON Circle First Class Lounge, Frankfurt

Before I tell you why, let me give you a brief understanding of what airport lounges are. Basically, they are places at the airport where travelers [Read more...]

Review: Lufthansa First Class On The 747

747 Lufthansa Upper Deck First Class

I’ve been lucky enough to fly Lufthansa (Germany’s flagship airline) internationally many times.  As with most things in Germany, the airline is very precise.  It is one of my favorite ways to fly, and truly, one of the best (in my opinion) for international travel to / from Europe.

The First Class configuration on Lufthansa’s 747 is upstairs.  This isn’t always the case with other airlines. But it is where we got to meet the captain.  He came out and greeted all the upper-deck passengers before takeoff.  A very nice gesture that I experienced once before on a Swiss International Airlines’ flight roughly a year ago.  (Another stellar airline by the way.)

The First Class cabin on the 747 is in the process of being retrofitted.  The new seats look amazing.  Each seat actually has a lie-flat bed next to it.  I was hoping to maybe score a flight on one of the newly retrofitted planes but no such luck this go-around. Still, the older product is fantastic. Completely comfortable.  So much room I commented that it “feels like I’m flying in my livingroom!”

First Class Lufthansa 747

You get on the plane and first they bring you a glass of champagne and macadamia nuts (along with a lemony-scented piping hot towel to wipe your hands clean.)  That’s just a teaser for the enormous amount of food that’s about to head your way over the next hour or so. That’s okay.  You’ve got an [Read more...]

Review: Star Alliance First Class Lounge, Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX)

Food Selection at First Class Lounge

I’m sitting in the Star Alliance First Class Lounge at LAX, killing time before my flight to Germany.  And since free internet is one of the perks here, I thought I’d post a little review.

First Class Star Alliance Lounge, LAX

It’s quiet.  Really quiet.  Pin-drop quiet in here.  There are a lot of seats but not many passengers in them.  The Business Class Lounge is right next door and quite a bit more lively — and larger too.  I assume it is very quiet in here to give it that “exclusive” feel.  Personally, I prefer a little more background noise, but hey, that’s just me.

The lounge overlooks a massive construction project at LAX…the expansion or building of a new terminal at LAX.  Not the greatest view now, but I’m sure when it’s done, it’ll be lovely!

LAX Construction

The food selection for a First Class lounge isn’t anything to write home about.  Bags of chips you could buy at any market and some packaged cookies are on the table.  They do have a small selection of sushi, but I’m pretty sure it is from Costco.  They do have an okay selection of wines and spirits, sodas and bottled water.

Sushi, First Class Star Alliance Lounge, LAX

There are several shower rooms that both the First and Business Class passengers can use too.  All in all, a nice place to relax before the long flight over the pond.

Shower First Class Lounge, LAX

British Airways Free Companion Ticket Offer

For those of you who have the British Airways Visa credit card by Chase, you now have the ability to get a free, companion ticket in any class of service until the end of September.  But there is a catch.  It must be a full fare ticket from the U.S. to any gateway British Airways flies. For example, let’s say you want to fly to Stockholm, Sweden in First Class on BA September 25 coming back September 29th.  It would cost you upwards of $16,000.  Yikes.  But if you are a high roller, [Read more...]

First Class Aboard Qantas’ A380. Superior Service!

Swiss International’s New First Class…An Epic Flight!

Huge Monitor In First Class

My grandfather used to say, “The longer you wait, the better it tastes.” He was referring to food, of course. But I’m going to use the same analogy for my recent flights on Swiss International Airlines in First Class. It just tasted good! I had been waiting a long time to try the new product. Just so happened there was a flight from Nairobi to Zurich that fit my schedule. So, after redeeming most of my frequent flyer miles, I got a seat, 2 seats to be exact. I knew we were in for something special from the start. Once we boarded, the captain came out to personally greet each of the First Class passengers. I can’t remember any other airline doing that, and it set the tone for what was to be a great flight!


New Swiss Air First Class Bed

Our seats, wait, to call them seats is not doing the stylish cabin justice. In the upright position, it’s more like a lazy-boy — beyond comfortable. (A touchscreen display allows you to move your seat into any position you can think of, even massaging you in the process.) And the comfort is important because the giant, flat screen 23 inch display (the largest in the sky) in front of each seat screams, “Watch me!” (I felt like a couch potato and loved every minute!)

Huge Monitor In First Class

In the reclined position, the seat turns into a fully flat (not angled) bed. The flight attendants will actually turn down your bed (just like at a 5 star hotel), adding a comforter, duvet, down pillow — the whole 9 yards. The only thing missing: [Read more...]

Relax Before You Fly

Do you like to fly? If so, there’s no better way to start your trip than getting pampered before you even liftoff.  The first class lounge for Qantas Airlines in Melbourne strives to achieve that — and they do a great job at it! With gourmet cuisine, spa treatments, and a personal concierge, the fun begins the moment you check-in.