Around The World By Private Jet

This is beyond cool IF, and I stress, IF you have a lot of money to burn.  Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is offering up the chance to travel “Around the world by private jet.” During the 22 day trip, you’ll be wined and dined, and in true jet-setting fashion, whisked off to places like the Taj Mahal in India, The Pyramids in Egypt, and Heaven on Earth in Bora Bora. You’ll stay at Four Seasons Resorts in 5 star accommodations along the way, and of course, fly in style.  Cost?  around $70,000 a person.  If anyone out there wishes to sponsor me, I promise to blog about it, and share some amazing stories.  I’m great company too!  Here’s more on this deal of a lifetime.

To Fly (First Class) Or Not To Fly? That Is The Question.

I am a firm believer that flying First or Business class is a total luxury. For purposes of this blog, I am soley referring to First or Business Class international flights — not domestic (which i don’t think provide enough bang for the buck.)  I’ve had a long debate with my colleague Gerri about flying in upper class.  Her belief is simple, “Don’t fly first class; flying sucks no matter what. Spend that extra cash on a better hotel room.”  My belief is, “Fly First or Business Class ONLY if you use frequent flyer miles to upgrade, you have enough points to get a reward ticket, or if your company is paying for the ticket.  Then it is well worth “flying in style!”  First off, airlines make a majority of their $ selling those prized-few premium class seats at huge prices.  Example: Quantas Airlines non-stop from LAX to Sydney will run you nearly $22,000 for a First Class roundtrip ticket.  The flight is around 14 hours each way, so figure you are spending roughly $1,000 every hour.  What do you get for that?  Premium wines, great grub, a fully-lie-flat seat that is quite comfortable and use of the lounges when you take off and land.  But is it really worth spending that much money for those perks?  Some would say “Absolutely!”  I say the price of that ticket is the price of car — and a nice car at that.   Yet, if you have miles you can upgrade with, why not use those instead?  That to me makes more sense.   The best reason for a premium seat (in my opinion) is that most of the time when you arrive at your destination, you feel rested.   The jet-lag isn’t so bad because you’ve had an easy flight.  Heck, you may not even want to get off of the plane!


Now, it takes a lot of miles to upgrade or fly “in style” to Australia or Europe or any international destination.  So how does one get all those miles??  You can either fly a lot or get one of those credit cards that earns points.  I prefer the STARWOOD PREFERRED GUEST credit card from American Express.  (No, they aren’t paying me to say that.)  It earns SPG points which can be transferred to a slew of airlines. You can also use the points for stays at a variety of hotels from Westin to Sheraton to “W” hotels worldwide.  And there are no blackout dates.  Bottom line: if you are going to spend money, you might as well get something out of it. In time, the points add up (as long as you are responsible and PAY YOUR BILLS,) and before long you too will be “flying in style.”

Hotelicopter…Great Concept But A Cruel Joke

My first reaction to the hotelicopter was it looked amazing.  My second reaction was, “This can’t be real.”  My third reaction was hoping it was.  ”For the first time in aviation history, the luxury of a five-star hotel room can finally take flight. Experience the luxury…elevate your stay.”  Millions around the world were suckered in to the idea of a flying hotel.  It claimed to have several rooms and was set to “take flight” sometime in the coming year.  There was even a facebook page about it.  But in the end, the joke was on all of us.  April Fool’s.  There will be no flying hotel — at least no time soon.  Check out the video posted on youtube.