Restaurant Review: Mama’s House In Santorini, Greece

Mama's House In Santorini

Jet-setter Chrissy Albice shares her review of Mama’s House In Santorini, Greece with us.  She also has a stellar blog for those of you passionate about travel.  Check it out here.

Chrissy and Mama

Visiting Santorini and want a good, authentic home cooked Greek meal on the cheap? Mama’s house is the place. Located in the center of  Fira next to the bus stop, you will find a grand welcome from Mama herself and a family affair to host your culinary visit. They use all local fresh produce with virgin olive oil.

Egglant rolls "Mama Mia" stuffed with feta cheese

Grilled octopus with balsamic

You can sample the Santorini favorites of cherry tomatoes, white eggplant (in the Summer months), fava beans and capers all included somewhere on the menu. The prices are almost unbelieveable. Santorini restaurants are expensive and eating out every day can threaten to bust your budget. Mama’s House solves that problem with good quality food, very generous portions (you could make a meal out of the appetizers alone) a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere all for shockingly affordable prices. Excellent value for the money spent.

Mama's House In Santorini


Here are some of the favorites [Read more...]

Lunch At The World’s Best Restaurant : Noma In Denmark

Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark has been voted the World’s Best Restaurant two years in a row.  As a foodie, I wanted to see just what made this place stand out above the rest.  First thing: getting a reservation.  It is all but impossible.  I had to call a friend who called a concierge service who did some favors and low and behold, we were booked.  That was only half the battle.  The next step: flights. I was already going to be in Europe so it made things a little easier.  Suffice it to say, getting to Noma for me meant sleeping at an airport hotel in London, waking up at 5am, flying to Denmark, having a cab take us from the airport to the restaurant, eating our 3 hour lunch which consisted of around 20 courses, then taking a taxi back to the airport, flying back to London and overnighting at the airport (for my return flight to America.)  It was the most expensive lunch I’ve had in terms of just getting there.  An adventure nonetheless.  Would I have voted it the top restaurant in the world? No.  But it was excellent in many aspects: Food, presentation, service.  Here’s how lunch went down for 4 of us.  And on that note, please let me know what your favorite meal was and why?

The Coolest Restaurant I’ve Ever Seen Is Inamo In London

It’s called Inamo, and I’m told it’s short for “In The Moment.” The London eatery is way ahead of its time.  Think “The Jetsons” and you’ll get an idea.  It’s the perfect date place, and you are guaranteed to have fun here, as well as eat delicious food.  Check out this video I made recently and you’ll see what I mean.

Bravo For Bond Street (At the 60 Thompson in Beverly Hills)

Recently, my taste buds bustled with excitement.  I was at Bond Street in Beverly Hills — the flagship restaurant at the ultra-cool 60 Thompson Hotel — soaking up the sun on the roof-deck and sampling a variety of great grub.  Executive Chef Brian Redzikowski–who spent three years working at Joel Robuchon in Vegas– is quite modest about his creations, so i’m going to brag for him: They are not only beautifully presented, but well thought up and filled with flavor. Among my favorites: Lobster tacos with guacamole, sour cream and micro cilantro. (I’m all about micro-greens.) The tuna tart with micro shisho was the perfect appetizer…sooooo good, with a little truffle oil to really get my palate going.  And then there was dessert. It really was food for thought! A chocolate egg filled with vanilla bean ice cream left us wondering, “How’d the ice cream get in there?”  See for yourself in the below video.  So bravo for Bond Street!  Click the link to make a reservation.

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Kogi Korean Barbecue Tacos — Sizzling In Los Angeles

I first heard about Kogi BBQ after reading an article in Time Magazine.  Kogi (pronounced Co-Gee) is a new take on the L.A. taco truck.  It dishes up some delicious tacos with a Korean flair.  Text messages, Facebook and Twitter have helped Kogi get a huge following.  People find out where the trucks will be on a given day and time by logging on.  Yesterday, Kogi stopped near my day-job, so I had to find out what all the hype was about.